EXQUISITE GROWTH, French Pavilion, Zagreb  Oct. 2017

The OKO Exhibition in the French Pavilion, depicts seven subjects representing seven stages of life related to “The Seven Ages of Men” by William Shakespeare. Wooden frames are placed on the floor in the clockwork direction emphasising the passing of the time within the first six periods of life. This circle surrounds the central object in shape of a wooden pyramid, embodying the final phase; death. The eye at the top of the pyramid looking towards the sky is implying that death is not the end but an insight into the second dimension and the future.

Each of the six periods has a quote taken from songs by artists such as Pink Floyd, Placebo and 2pac; depending on the stage in life it evokes. This painted “mixtape” of life is composed throughout the personal preferences of the artist; whereas the phases of life symbolize the path already taken and foreshadow what is to come.

Placed in a round pavilion deprived of curatorial infrastructure OKO used the shape of the floor in order to evoke and highlight the idea behind the Circle of Life.


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