The Ugly Duckling, Student Centre, Zagreb, March 2016

Based on the concept of collaboration within a scientific and art sectors while exploring certain issues, a project titled “Place of performance/Creating the City” offered an insight into a role art itself plays within the social manufacture of urban space. There was a dual result of the project since it not only produced art pieces but created a scientific research which investigated the dialogue between art and urban spaces, placing the deliberation on the matter of artistic phenomenon within the particular socio-cultural context.

During the project, OKO produced a mural “The Ugly Duckling”. It emerged on the wall of the Student Centre, a place of rich and complex history. However, OKO opted for a somewhat more personal approach, rather than anthropological, focusing on her own perception and experience within the area.

Finding the inspiration in her own then unfinished work, she focused on the act of upgrading her own history. It was time for an eight year old drawing to finally find its new shape. The same wall she once used as a canvas now got upgraded with a new work that spoke of artist’s personal and professional growth.

“Despite the idea that internet and social media can appear sugar coated and glitter with so much information, it just produce so much buzzing in your mind you can’t hear your own soul. Let yourself the luxury of silence and all the influences so you can grow as a person and as an artist.” OKO