426m2   The Southbank Show  in Stolenspace Gallery, London, 2018. OKO is delighted to present participation in a ‘426㎡’ group show, produced by Long Live Southbank. The show features creative talents from skateboarding and beyond. ‘426㎡’ dissects and explores the ever present relationship between skateboarding and art, giving us an intimate look at…

Open My Eyes That I May See

Open My Eyes That I May See, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, October 2015 Overlooking one of the main avenues in Zagreb, a nintey meter long mural titled Open My Eyes That I May See covers the Western wall of The Museum of Contemporary Art. Using the location as a point of communication with the…

OKO X Samsung

OKO X Samsung, February 2018 OKO’s latest collaboration is a wallpaper design for Samsung. All Samsung users can now download this wallpaper. Just use the following link and get your own OKO art work.  

Don’t Follow The White Rabbit

Don’t Follow The White Rabbit, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Feb. 2013 Dealing with the inner demons, keepers and shamans who inhabit ones thoughts is the feeling lingering behind the work titled „Don’t Follow The White Rabbit“. „Those demons come to life through my skin, where they’re etched in the form of tattoos. Just…

OKO X Bite Art: behind the scene

OKO X Bite art, Interview, Oct. 2017 Bite art, an original product representing Croatia through the work of selected artists has become one of the favorite souvenirs. To give more insight  to this collaboration, OKO was recently interviewed about it and you can see the video below. Step into OKO’s studio and find out more…

OKO X Adidas

OKO X Adidas, December 2017 Continuing a collaboration with the brand and a role of an Adidas ambassador OKO created an art piece placed in the new Adidas store in Zagreb, Croatia. The print on canvas embodies representative motifs of OKO’s work.  


OKO X TTTISM magazine, July 2017 Dedicated to tattoos OKO gave an interview to TTTism. You can read the entire piece here, written by Martin Rokicki. “OKO, a multimedia artist born in Zagreb who currently splits her time between that city and London, has been making tattoos for almost a decade but deliberately resists a…

OkO X Adidas

OKO X Adidas, 2013 OKO collaborated with Adidas as an ambassador of the brand from 2013. At the time Adidas aimed to combine technological innovations with classical design that would enable the brand to create a line which would announce the future of urban exploration. OKO was surely an ambassador able to enhance that vision….

OkO X Becks

OKO custom made bike in collaboration with SentiMental Bikes for Beck’s Brewery Supported by Becks, Sentimental Bikes crew assambled a group of artists to collaboarate with by additionally garnishing the handmade vintage looking original bikes.