OKO X FREEDA, Poster for a theatre play by Nera Stipičević, Zagreb, 2015

A theater play titled “FreeDA” was promoted with the posters created by OKO. Inspired by the life and work of Frida Kahlo, this monodrama is hybrid of an intimate cabaret focusing on facing the artist with the person within.

“Most women spend their time taking out their eyebrows, wearing corsets and eating nothing, to be pretty and desired by a man. But you know what? I don’t do anything of this and I have a man who truly loves me like a crazy. My eyebrows are like a bird with huge wings, and are in my forehead because my ideas and my mind can fly very high. My mind is free, my ideas are free, and therefore, I am free. It doesn’t matter if I can’t walk sometimes. Why do I need feet if I have wings o fly?”