Open My Eyes That I May See, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, October 2015

Overlooking one of the main avenues in Zagreb, a nintey meter long mural titled Open My Eyes That I May See covers the Western wall of The Museum of Contemporary Art. Using the location as a point of communication with the passersby as much as the MCA visitors, the work refers to the power of widening individual horizons. What is it that lurks beneath the surface; what is it we sometimes eagerly try to avoid? As the Museum aims to encourage the audience to question their own perception of the world surrounding them, the art work becomes its tool in achieving the translation of an idea based on constant questioning.

The mural is a part of the official collection of paintings of the Museum of Contemporary Art, opening the Museum up to a new audience by presenting an artwork which is continuously visible and accessible to all, and understood by everyone. Since relocating to a new building, and a new neighborhood, in the year 2009, the MCA has continuously strived to connect and communicate with its new environment. The painting of the western wall of its plateau incites the interaction with passersby, a tradition begun by exhibiting artworks in the open, some of which have become a symbol of the Museum of sorts (for example, “The Double Slide” by Carsten Höllera, “The Eyes of Purification” by Mirosław Bałk or “The Shape of Space” by Ivan Kožarić).